Let’s Talk About Disadvantages Of Online Gaming and Solution For It


Online games are can be accessed only with the help of Internet. The Internet is the place where not only online games but we can have access to information regarding everything on the planet. As long as you use the internet for proper a reason you can gain unlimited knowledge effortlessly. As an older guy, you may know the limits and the way to browse things online.

Since there is the availability of wide range of online games to kids it is our responsibility to guide them to play online games that too allowing them to play games that are suitable to their age.

Let’s talk about disadvantages of online gaming and then discuss the solution

Online gaming gives wide access to unlimited games. Since kids with limited knowledge about the internet they may download games which come with virus and various threats that can ruin your computer hard drive, this can bring loss of money because parents often buy games with cash or credit cards, including used programs such as generators credit cards to make these purchases (Generateur de Carte Bancaire en Ligne Gratuite).

There are people out there online who look to take advantages of innocent kids and these are the kids who will be abused and harassed online.If kids spend much time playing games online then they will have less time for their regular studies ultimately ruining their education. When they concentrate much playing games online then they will under perform in the studies. Under performing in studies means grasping poor knowledge about important things in at school. In the market there are several kinds of games, most of them downloaded from facebook to mobile devices, Candy Crush, Boom Beach, clash of clans gemmes gratuit and FarmVille are some of them.

Playing games which are not suitable to their age can ruin the mentality of the growing kids be it, boy or girl. They start to behave in a weird way and such behaviour cannot be entertained by their friends. This will create the depression in them that may result in various mental disorders.

Rules to impose on kids for safe online gaming

Time: Parents should allow their kids to play games online for a certain period of time and they should ask the kids to turn off the games.

Downloading: parents should keep an eye on the games they are downloading and they should also concentrate on the website they are downloading the games. Parents should make sure kids don’t download malicious stuff, virus and other dangerous stuff online.

Secrecy: Parents should teach their kids to enter their personal details to the website which are trustworthy. Giving personal information to unknown and poor websites can lead to complicated issues like harassing and abuse.

Game Selection: Kids should be allowed to play educational games rather than playing adult games.

Restriction: Kids should be allowed to play games they should not access websites which are meant for gambling.It is better for parents to take care of their kids activities online. If parents found their kids are trying to do above their age online then they must teach them what is good and what is bad for their age instead of scolding them and punishing them.If kids follow above tips then they can enjoy playing games online with ruining the health and education. Every parent should guide their kids in doing so.

Nintendo Most Popular Games

Nintendo started with famous games NES and Super Mario Bros game. These two games led Nintendo in success path. Whatever success they have achieved is completely because of these two games. With success of these two games Nintendo DS won the hearts of the game lovers across the globe. This kind of perception made Nintendo to come up with new and most attractive and quality games.super-1138462_640

In the year 1996 Nintendo released 64 and N64 which was a big hit. With this gaming console and 3D technology they made the mark in the gaming console industry. With great graphic and amazing games they occupied major market in gaming console industry.

By improving Nintendo with enhanced features Nintendo kept its quality production till date. Even today people are crazy about the games Nintendo brings in the market. With various games in its pocket Nintendo also came up with Super NES and Super Nintendo which also a big hit. Even though there was tough competition from its competitors Nintendo managed to respond with new Nintendo DS. This specific gaming is hand held gaming system to the people who love to enjoy games in new style. This hand held gaming is most famous and till date it is the most liked hand held games in the world. With touch screen technology and wifi technology it made deep impact on the minds of game lovers. Nintendo compete against other game consoles in the gaming market and many important games like mortal kombat x hack, Call of Duty, gta 5 online argent (French version of GTA 5) and others amazing games.

This Nintendo hand held game took the world by storm. This success added much demand for Nintendo brand. Gameboy is the first game they have introduced for playing with hand held gaming system. Gameboy is the game with most advanced graphics which was advanced to Nintendo NS. With its success did not look back in fact they kept coming up with innovative games for gaming consoles and hand held gaming.

In year 2001 Nintendo introduced new gaming console. The name of the game was GameCube. It was the time where many other companies released several games even though there was tough competition Nintendo stood up the competition and made good sales. This GameCube game was mostly liked by kids.

Nintendo games are undeniably unmatched in quality even the titles given to games are also unique. Every games introduced by Nintendo are very easy to play. With wide range of games, you will surely never get bored. With changing times Nintendo never failed to understand the requirements of present generation’s needs. This is how Nintendo occupied major market in console gaming and hand held gaming. No exaggeration to say that Nintendo stood in top position in the console gaming market.